Production, Sale and Trasport Ornamental plants

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The agricultural company F.L. CIMARELLI - founded in 1989 by FABIO BONACCHI and his mother MARIA PIA CIMARELLI - over the years it has developed progressively, stabilizing both in the Italian market and in 7 other European markets.
In 2019 LUCA BONACCHI, Fabio's brother, also joins the company, who deals with horse breeding and riding stables located on the company grounds.


The Nursery F.L. CIMARELLI is located in PISTOIA, the capital of greenery, in the heart of Tuscany.
Thanks to the continuous increase of work, the company increases the area dedicated to production every year, trying to satisfy the always new expectations of customers.
F.L. CIMARELLI offers a plant transport service with own means.


F.L. CIMARELLI is a nursery specialized in the production, sale and transport of ornamental plants, hedge plants and fruit plants.
In our production we point out: Photinia, Bambusa, Nerium, Rhyncospernum, Elaeagnus, Prunus, Cupressus sempervirens.
F.L. CIMARELLI is in Via di Forramoro 54/A a Pistoia; info and contact Phone 0573.563893 - Mobile 335.7882700